Apply for the Research Category

  1. Download the List of questions
  2. Download the Declaration and Authorisation Forms
  3. Prepare your photos by grouping them in zipped folders of maximum 10 MB each
  4. Prepare your additional material and 3 Reference Letters
  5. For an optimal navigation experience see the Application Form in full screen


  • To prepare your application, we recommend you to carefully read the Call for Entries document, which outlines the criteria for selection and the selection process, and the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ section) of this website.
  • All applications must be submitted in English.
  • We strongly advise entrants to download the list of questions, declaration and authorisation forms and prepare your answers and other submission material. You can then copy-paste all of the answers into the online form in one session. Answers are automatically saved by the online form, provided you connect from the same device and the same IP address. However, it is not possible to save your answers securely via the form. For this reason, we recommend to back up the text of the answers in a Word or Google Doc for easy access and so that you can cut and paste your answers to all questions in one session.
  • To navigate through the questions on the online forms, use the arrows on the bottom right corner of the form. The forms can be read in full screen mode by clicking the indicated link.
  • For any questions or doubts, please first consult the FAQ section of this website. In case your question is not answered there, you can contact


Frequently Asked Questions