Barbara Cordero

Barbara Cordero graduated in Hispanic Philology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and obtained a Master in Audiovisual Communication from IEPA (Institute of Specialists in Audiovisual Journalism).
She has extensive professional experience in media and corporate representation.
She has worked in the Hispania Nostra Association for more than ten years, assuming coordination in 2015. During all these years, she has actively promoted the conservation and preservation of cultural and natural heritage, managing numerous activities, such as the Hispania Nostra Award, the annual Hispania Nostra Forum, and Hispania Nostra Journal, to name a few.
Among the most prominent projects they have developed in Hispania Nostra, there is the Exhibition of the Europa Nostra Awards given to Spanish projects.
She is the author of numerous articles and she has participated in a number of seminars and conferences related to citizens’ activism and engagement.