Elena-Maria Cautiș

Elena-Maria Cautiș is from Romania and currently based in Italy. She holds a Bachelor in History and a Master in Cultural Heritage Studies from the University of Bucharest. Her former professional experience involves working as an intern at the National Institute of Romania for which she researched Romanian Art Nouveau buildings for the Interreg Danube project on sustainable protection and promotion of Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube Region, as well as collaborations with the Mihai Eminescu Trust in Romania on various occasions. Since 2021 she has been one of the European Heritage Youth Ambassadors at Europa Nostra, ESACH and European Heritage Tribune, advocating for the importance of heritage in bridging cultures. Her main interest is exploring how Cultural Heritage contributes to sustainable development and social wellbeing, a topic which she is researching as a PhD candidate within the programme in Environmental Sustainability and Wellbeing at the University of Ferrara. She also has experience in policy research, acquired in the period of her internship at ICOMOS Philippines while elaborating the policy guidance document aimed at localising the SDGs within the Philippines’ heritage context. In her spare time she gets together with a group of emerging professionals (whom she has met at the ILUCIDARE Summer School in 2021) and they develop geeky heritage projects while also plotting to accessibilize the Heritage sector.