Jean-Sébastien Misson

Jean-Sébastien Misson has a Master’s degree in History (2000 – University of Liège – Belgium), a Certificate of Higher Studies in Renaissance Civilization (2001 – University of Tours – France) and a Master’s degree in Conservation and Restoration of Historic Towns and Buildings (2003 – Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation – Catholic University of Leuven – Belgium). Since 2008, he has worked on the conservation and restoration of the Citadel of Namur (Belgium), starting as advisor to the municipal board member in charge of the project, and then as head of the municipal service responsible for the conservation and restoration of the site, the biggest fortified site of the southern part of Belgium covering 2000 years of human history. Several restoration and/or adaptive reuse projects have been carried out since 2010 under his supervision. The Citadel of Namur has recently joined EFFORTS. Jean-Sébastien Misson has been an active member of ICOMOS since 2004 and is the current president of ICOMOS Belgium and ICOMOS Wallonie-Bruxelles (2020-2023) as well as an associate member of ICOFORT (ICOMOS International scientific Committee on Fortifications). He is also a member of the Royal Commission for Monuments and Sites of the Walloon Region.