Robert Young

Dr. Robert Young is currently a freelance archaeological consultant. He has wide ranging experience in University and Community Education and Training and a detailed knowledge of practical archaeological techniques. He is widely-published and is a well regarded expert in landscape survey, excavation and small finds analysis. Having obtained a PhD from the University of Durham in 1984, Dr. Young went on to teaching positions at both the University of Wales and the University of Leicester. In his later work with Northumberland National Park Authority (NNPA) and English Heritage/Historic England (EH) he developed policy and strategy for the care and conservation of the historic environment of the north east of England. Large numbers of students and local community members have received fieldwork training in the course of his university and community based work on archaeological sites across the UK. He is currently involved in running a branch of the Council for British Archaeology’s Young Archaeologists Club at Newcastle University and regularly gives talk to local archaeology and community groups on practical archaeology topics and related heritage issues.