Selection Committee

We extend our thanks to all members of the Selection Committee involved in the independent evaluation of all submitted projects. You can sort them by name, country and category by clicking on the headers below. To read their biographies go back to the Jury and Selection Committee page.

Name Country Category
Antonio Lamas (Chair) Portugal 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Yonca Erkan (Vice-Chair) Turkey 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Klimis Aslanidis Greece 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Elena-Maria Cautiș Romania 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Ana Chiricuță Romania 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Piotr Gerber Poland 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Jean-Sébastien Misson Belgium 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Adrian Olivier United Kingdom 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Etienne Poncelet France 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Michiel Purmer Netherlands 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Francesco Trovo Italy 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Esther Valdés Tejera Spain 1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse
Sabine Nemec-Piguet (Chair) Switzerland 2) Research
Dubravka Preradovic Serbia 2) Research
Velika Stojkova Serafimovska North Macedonia 2) Research
Levent Tökün Turkey 2) Research
Alex Torpiano Malta 2) Research
Georgios Toubekis Greece 2) Research
Sara Crofts (Chair) United Kingdom 3) Education, Training & Skills
Hanna Lamsa Finland 3) Education, Training & Skills
Mariam Maka Dvalishvili Georgia 3) Education, Training & Skills
Ola Fjeldheim Norway 3) Education, Training & Skills
Elena Dimitrova Bulgaria 3) Education, Training & Skills
Ivan Bojanić Bosnia & Herzegovina 3) Education, Training & Skills
Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou (Chair) Greece 4) Citizens Engagement & Awareness-raising
Víctor M. Gibello Bravo Spain 4) Citizens Engagement & Awareness-raising
Davida de Hond The Netherlands 4) Citizens Engagement & Awareness-raising
Jelena Krivokapic Serbia 4) Citizens Engagement & Awareness-raising
Natalia Moussienko Ukraine 4) Citizens Engagement & Awareness-raising
Baiba Mūrniece Latvia 4) Citizens Engagement & Awareness-raising
Eugen Vaida (Chair) Romania 5) Heritage Champions
Claus Peter Echter Germany 5) Heritage Champions
Adriaan Linters Belgium 5) Heritage Champions
Antigoni Michael Cyprus 5) Heritage Champions
Sadi Petrela Albania 5) Heritage Champions
Marianne Ytterdal Norway 5) Heritage Champions
Charles Personnaz France 3) Education, Training and Skills
Árpád Bőczén Hungary 3) Education, Training and Skills