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The EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards has further strengthened the capacity of the heritage sector in Europe by highlighting best practices, encouraging the cross-border exchange of knowledge and connecting various stakeholders in wider networks. It has also brought major benefits to the winners, such as greater (inter)national exposure, follow-on funding and increased visitor numbers. In addition, it has raised awareness of our shared heritage amongst the general public while highlighting its intrinsic European character. The Prize is therefore a key tool to promote Europe’s heritage.

In the past 16 years, organisations and individuals from 39 countries have submitted a total of 2,883 applications for the Awards. Concerning the number of entries by country, Spain is first in the ranking, with 516 projects, followed by Italy, with 296 entries, and the United Kingdom, with 289 applications. With regard to the categories, Conservation has had the most submissions (1,677). Next comes Education, Training and Awareness-Raising (505), then Research (362), and, finally, Dedicated Service to Heritage (339).

Since 2002, independent expert juries have selected 485 award-winning projects from 34 countries. In line with the number of entries, Spain tops the list with 64 awards received. The United Kingdom is in second place (60 awards) and Italy comes third (41 awards). Regarding the categories, Conservation has the most winners (279) followed by Dedicated Service to Heritage and Education, Training and Awareness-Raising (73 each), and, lastly, Research (60).

A total of 102 Grand Prix of €10,000 have been presented to outstanding heritage initiatives, selected from among the award-winning projects.



All the winners receive a certificate as well as a plaque or trophy. The Grand Prix laureates also receive €10,000 each.


Each winner in the category conservation will receive a bronze wall plaque to be put up at the awarded building or heritage site.

Each winner in the category research, category dedicated service to heritage, and category education, training and awareness-raising will receive a bronze trophy.

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