Independent experts assess the submitted entries and select the winners in five categories of entry, which are aligned with the latest developments in heritage policy and practice in Europe. A full description of the eligibility criteria for each of these categories of entry can be read in the Call for Entries document.

The five awards categories are:

1) Conservation & Adaptive Reuse

Outstanding projects aiming at conservation, regeneration and adaptation to new uses of cultural heritage, including cultural landscapes.

2) Research

Innovative research projects which lead to tangible effects for the safeguard and enhancement of cultural heritage or/and to improve the access, enjoyment and understanding of heritage assets by communities.

3) Education, Training & Skills

Exemplary projects or related to cultural heritage with the aim of fostering knowledge transfer, capacity-building and/or enhancing traditional or new skills and crafts related to heritage.

4) Citizens Engagement & Awareness-raising

Outstanding heritage-led projects which foster social cohesion, inclusion, multicultural dialogue and understanding, nurture a sense of place and belonging, celebrate diversity and multiple identities as well as stimulate citizens’ engagement, ownership and civic responsibility.

5) Heritage Champions

Influential and inspiring individuals or organisations whose exemplary action demonstrates an exceptional level of dedication, impact and civic engagement for the safeguard and enhancement of cultural heritage.

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