Educational programme for Czech cultural heritage

This research based project, through determined and diligent work, has created a comprehensive system of programmes aimed at educating various target groups in immovable and movable cultural heritage. They achieved this in close cooperation with partners from the pedagogical faculties of two universities in the field of informal education at all levels and with a strong methodological approach. The results of the project have been widely disseminated both nationally and internationally.

The project was funded by the Ministry of Culturein order to establish a quality system of heritage education and learning in the Czech Republic. The educational programmes have enabled the optimum use of close to 100 state owned heritage sites and objects with most of the programmes realised in the environment of heritage properties. So far, the programmes have reached approximately 31,000 participants from diverse backgrounds. The project was realised using several methodological approaches. In particular, the use of pilot projects which relied on the participation of all involved parties, that is, the researchers and the target groups of the projects themselves, creating a space of interaction essential to the programme’s development. This resulted in the researchers collaborating intensively with participants from schools and other educational institutions to implement the project.

The programme has had considerable success in raising awareness and appreciation of Czech cultural heritage, which in turn contributes to a deepened understanding among the participants and a greater desire to protect this heritage. The jury noted this aspect of the project stating that “the overarching approach to enhancing cultural heritage by using educational projects is truly impressive”. The project reflected foreign trends in heritage education but was equally successful at creating their own innovative strategies which were positively received abroad and in academic circles.

Educational programme for Czech cultural heritage, Telč, Vysočina Region, CZECH REPUBLIC
This is the first national, systematic approach to connecting different centres of cultural activity and educational centres in the Czech Republic and its tailored programmes for specific target audiences has set an exceptional example for countries facing similar issues throughout Europe, especially for the way in which they have worked to connect experts with amateurs and to include children with a different range of abilities”, stressed the jury.


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