Taut’s Home

Taut’s Home is so-called from Bruno Taut (1880-1938), designer of the Hufeisensiedlung estate in Berlin, of which it constitutes a single end-terrace house. It has been carefully restored with the character of a museum, but is also fitted out to provide accommodation and a real-life experience of design history for heritage-aware visitors to Berlin. The distinctive white building with clean, angular lines has been renovated by its private architect owners. It recalls Bauhaus Modernism and is the only surviving house on the estate where Taut´s original interior colour scheme has been completely renewed and where all the historical tile stoves and other original fittings are still in place. All furnishings are either hand-picked originals or made to measure from vintage 1930s models. The front garden has also been restored according to the original blueprint.

“The Jury was charmed and fascinated by the careful restoration of this small but important house on the 1925 UNESCO world heritage site. The house was designed by Bruno Taut to fulfill needs of convenience and style at minimal cost, incorporating a coherent ensemble of architecture, interior design and garden. The restoration was based on intensive research, material evidence, surviving elements, photographs and knowledge of the design principles of its period. A rewarding work of restoration and renewal, it commemorates a highly significant phase in the history of civil architecture. The outcome is a lively and powerful combination of bold colours, reason and form brought together by design. The Jury strongly approved of the project’s power of example to comparable urban settings.”

Taut’s Home, Berlin, GERMANY

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