Villa Empain in Brussels

“The jury greatly appreciated the exemplary restoration of this emblematic Art Deco monument for its quality, both in terms of the technical work carried out and the materials used. The historical and material preparatory studies, as well as the judicious choice for the building’s new function, formed a solid basis for this restoration. No concessions were made in the choice of materials used for completion, nor for grafting or replacing components of the villa, even in the smallest details. The re-use of this building as the headquarters of a foundation which aims at spreading knowledge and at the reconciliation between eastern and western cultures, is a supplementary merit of this project.”

In 2006 the Boghossian Foundation bought Villa Empain, a masterpiece of Art Deco heritage, to use as their headquarters and to create a centre of art and dialogue between the cultures of East and West. This beautiful residence, built between 1931 and 1934 for Baron Louis Empain, was in a state of complete disrepair and needed a thorough restoration. The conservation was carried out between 2008 and 2010 with the collaboration of the Royal Commission of Monuments and Sites in the Region of Brussels, the architects with Belgian and foreign craftsmen, and a number of private partners. Villa Empain opened to the public in April 2010, and has since played host to many cultural, artistic and educational activities.


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