Alex Torpiano

Professor Alex Torpiano is an architect and structural engineer by profession, having studied in Malta, Imperial College under Sir Alan Harris, and the University of Bath under Sir Ted Happold. He has served as Dean of the Faculty for the Built Environment of the University of Malta for the last 14 years, and previously served as Head of the Department of Building and Civil Engineering, and later of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design. In the late 1980s, he set up the Institute for Masonry and Construction Research, which later became a Department of Conservation and Built Heritage in the same Faculty. In the University, he is a member of the Senate of the University, and of the Council of the University. He is currently also Executive President of Din l-Art Helwa, the National Trust of Malta. He has served as President of the local Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers. He is a founding partner of a private architectural and structural engineering office, TBA periti, and has collaborated with Arup Associates, Ian Ritchie, Walter Hunziger, and Antonio Belvedere on projects in Malta. His specialisation is the structural restoration of masonry structures.