Alexandra Stoica

Alexandra Stoica is the deputy director of restoration at the National Heritage Institute (NHI) and is actively involved in heritage and adaptive reuse projects concerning Romania’s protected sites and historic structures.
Her previous experience in nongovernmental and startup heritage projects includes Monumente Uitate (Forgotten Monuments) for the inventory of castles and manor houses (2010-12), Adopt a House in Roşia Montană at coordinating working sites and project design (2010-15), and the Calup urban regeneration project repurposing vacant spaces in Bucharest (2015-18). She earned her architectural education in Bucharest (2010) and specialized in preservation in Rome, Italy (2013).
During the pandemic, she established her architectural practice and continues to assist private projects that preserve heritage landmarks in her hometown of Brașov. She has been a part of the NHI team since 2021, being responsible for implementing Romania’s National Program of Restoration for Historical Monuments and directing NHI activities on two UNESCO site restoration projects in development until 2024.
She has served on various commissions and working groups within the Ministry of Culture since 2016, reviewing projects for NHI heritage stamp funding beginning in 2020 and assisting with UNESCO listing processes for Rosia Montană (2016-17, 2022-23) and Brâncuși works (2022-23). Her most recent research focuses on energy-efficiency tools for historical structures in Romania and how to associate quality principles with interventions on contemporary uses of heritage properties.