Charles Personnaz
Heritage Awards Jury
Jury Member

Charles Personnaz is a historian and civil servant, having spent most of his career in the field of cultural heritage both at the French Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Culture. He has been Director of the National Heritage Institute (INP – Institut national du patrimoine) since 2019.
Charles Personnaz has a special interest and commitment to the preservation of Christian heritage in the Middle East. He has authored several books published in France about Byzantine and Greek history and cultural policy.

Pâquerette Demotes-Mainard
3) Education, Training & skills
Member of the Selection Committee

After law school and the Ecole du Louvre, Pâquerette joined the French Heritage Foundation, managing a tax incentive program for private heritage restoration. She expanded the Foundation in the South East,
focusing on financial development. With experience in local governments and freelance fundraising, she joined Acta Vista in 2014, overseeing partnerships, communications, and development, while implementing educational and cultural initiatives. In September 2021, Group SOS appointed her Executive Director of Acta Vista, BAO Formation, and La Citadelle de Marseille: three entities operating in Fort D’entrecasteaux.
Pâquerette has a strong background in managing educational, training and back to work programmes related to heritage restoration industry, especially for people with limited access to training opportunities and labour market. In the latter years, she has also impulsed discovery programmes for young people to introduce them to ancient masonry and craftmanship related to heritage restoration.
Recently, she initiated European and Mediterranean projects to carry out this work at a larger scale and start to cooperate with other international actors in this field.