Academia Istropolitana Nova in Svätý Jur

Academia Istropolitana Nova (AINova), a not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation, is an educational and training centre for interdisciplinary studies active also in the field of cultural heritage conservation. AINova was established in 1997 as an off-shoot of the Academia Istropolitana, opened in Slovakia in 1990 soon after the political changes in Central Europe. From the beginning, this initiative was made possible thanks to the support from the Slovak government, international and private funds and enthusiasm of many individuals.

Academia Istropolitana Nova, Svätý Jur SLOVAKIA

The mission at its inception was to provide post-graduate interdisciplinary programmes in a field that had been largely neglected in the past. Students were provided with access to lectures given by renowned experts as well as an opportunity to meet young professionals, and to develop and enlarge their professional network. The cultural heritage programme continues to develop its initial mission even further with new activities such as specific training courses, applied research, assistance and consultancy in order to expand the value of the Academy.

“The Jury applauds the Academy for the exemplary interdisciplinary educational and training activities it has developed in the field of cultural heritage conservation and for the promotion of cultural and environmental values as important European assets.”