Al Minar e Iglesia de San Juan de los Reyes in Granada

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The Church of San Juan de los Reyes, located in the Albacín quarter of Granada, was built in the early 16th century on the remains of an Almohad mosque whose minaret was preserved as a bell-tower. The building underwent several transformations throughout its history. Accordingly, the restoration sought to find a balance between the respect for the diverse historical phases of the building and the need to meet contemporary methodological and technical standards in a consistent, unified intervention.

Al Minar e Iglesia de San Juan de los Reyes, Granada SPAIN

The bulk of the restoration work consisted of the renovation and substitution of the Mudejar wooden roof, the cleansing and consolidation of the walls, the restoration of the decorative elements of the minaret, the elimination of the elements that had been attached to the church or the minaret, the correction of water infiltration, and the upgrade of the electrical and audiovisual systems.

“For the impeccable methodological and technical approach to the restoration of a Mudejar church and the preservation of all its historical phases.”

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