ALMADA Project

ALMADA – Unveiling the Mural Painting Art of Almada Negreiros is an academic multidisciplinary project that utilises scientific research to unveil the mural art of Almada Negreiros, one of Portugal’s most influential artists of the 20th century.

ALMADA Project, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Between 1938 and 1956, Almada Negreiros created five iconic sets of modern mural paintings in Lisbon. These remarkable artworks, located in the city centre, are renowned for their artistic quality and monumental presence. Unfortunately, until recently, the mural paintings had received limited material and technical research, lacked recognition as artistic and cultural heritage, and remained unfamiliar to the general public, particularly the younger generations.

The ALMADA project follows an open science policy, encouraging collaboration between academia and citizens. Its primary focus is to deepen understanding and provide the information and tools to conserve this important Portuguese avant-garde and modernist element.

ALMADA Project, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Initiated in March 2021, the project has adopted an innovative approach to achieve these aims. Utilising state-of-the-art imaging and analytical instrumentation, the project has uncovered new information about the mural paintings’ materials, techniques, and current condition. By examining deterioration phenomena, identification of causes and assessment of associated risks, the project is establishing guidelines for the future conservation and sustainable management of the mural paintings.

The ALMADA project employs inclusive, participatory and innovative approaches to promote public access and engagement. This includes reaching out to local communities and global audiences, enhancing cultural education through interactive tools, videos, workshops, guided visits and lectures. The strategy of Everyone Anywhere is fundamental, as community support and public awareness are crucial for the successful conservation of cultural heritage.

ALMADA Project, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

The ALMADA project is rooted in an interdisciplinary, collaborative, transnational, and open-minded vision. It drew on historical and technical art history research, scientific analysis and creative public outreach activities conducted by the Laboratory HERCULES of Évora University in partnership with the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC), the Institute of Art History of the NOVA University of Lisbon (IHA-FCSH/UNL) and the Lisbon Port Administration (APL).


“The ALMADA project goes beyond a sole restoration by explaining the science behind the process, making a compelling case for the importance of conservation and fostering a deeper understanding of its necessity. By attracting and engaging large and diverse audiences, it successfully raises awareness about the significance of post-War II murals and honours the legacy of Almada Negreiros, an influential figure in Portugal’s modernist phase, adding another layer of significance to its endeavours. A notable aspect of the project is the opportunity it provides to witness wall paintings up close, offering a memorable and immersive experience”, the Awards’ Jury commented.

“The ALMADA project takes climate action seriously by measuring the impact of climate change on the murals and incorporating this information into future management plans for the city. Utilising digital tools, the project also offers a wide range of online didactic resources, bridging the gap between the academic world and the general public”, the Jury added.

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