Archaeological site of Galerius’ Palace in Thessaloniki

The project concerns the study, conservation, restoration and enhancement of the remains of the Palace of Galerius (4th century A.D.) in Navarinou Square, Thessaloniki, covering 8000 sq. m. The area underwent serious archaeological research and study of the monument before the protection and restoration of the remains of five buildings.

The Archaeological Site of Galerius' Palace, Thessaloniki, GREECE

Plaster and wall paintings were conserved and where possible, restored, as well as 1088 sq m. of mosaic and marble floors. Explanatory signs, an exhibition of the restoration project, digital representation now allows visitors to understand the site and access has been improved thanks to visitor’s walkways and improved configuration of the site’s entrance.

“Above all, it is highly appreciated that the intervention transformed an abandoned public ground into an attractive, educative and well organised archaeological site in the heart of a modern city.”

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