Archaeologist Ewa Kawalek, Olszewo Borki

This is the winner of a Medal.

The nominee is an archaeologist who, for more than 20 years, has worked for the protection of the Kurpie region’s cultural heritage. She conducted excavations through which she discovered more that 1000 new sites.

Archaeologist Ewa Kawalek, Olszewo Borki POLAND

Mrs Kawalek has published widely, is active in many scientific associations, and works with many NGOs and schools. She teaches the ‘Study of Cultural Values’ and established the first children’s scientific association. She has worked out tourist routes based on cultural and archaeological monuments and raised awareness of the need to defend these monuments against total destruction.

“For her exemplary and enthusiastic work sparking interest in, and making accessible Poland’s rich archaeological and cultural heritage, and encouraging especially children to act as monument protectors.”