Archives d’Architecture Modern in Brussels

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Founded by the art historian Robert Delevoy in 1968, AAM has assembled, inventorised and restored one of Europe’s most principal collectIons of architectural documents and other items, including plans, models, furniture photographs, posters and correspondence.

Archives d'Architecture Moderne, Bruxelles BELGIUM

The derelict building, designed by architect F. Bodon in 1934, was restored and opened to the public in 2002 to present AAM’s unique collections to the public. Some 30,000 publications and a remarkable collection of architectural journals dating from the 19th century to the present day, many of which cannot be found elsewhere, can be consulted in a library open to the public or on the internet. Reproductions of drawings, silk scarves, jewellery and furniture can even be made to order.

“For the renovation of a paradigm of the innovative and pragmatic architecture of the 1930s, accomplished with great efficiency and respecting the simplicity of the original concept.”

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