Bellevue Teatret in Klampenborg

This is the winner of a Prize.

The total restoration of a 1936 theatre, known as the Bellevue Teatret, in order to recreate the original appearance in terms of form, materials and colours, in time to celebrate the 100th birthday of the architect. The theatre is considered the most characteristic example of Danish functionalism and became a listed monument in 1988.

Structural work was carried out, a new roof was installed, including the retractable section over the audience, and the mechanical air system (innovative in the 30s) was put back into working order. Exterior and interior wall surfaces were repaired and cleaned, as were the furnishings.

“For the perseverance leading to the rescue of an outstanding piece of architecture from the modern movement, and for the excellent restoration of the building in a manner which reveals its extraordinary qualities.”

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