Bosak’s Bank in Presov

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Bosak’s Bank was built in 1923-1924 just within the boundary of the Presov Town Preserve. It was designed in the Secession style with some allegorical sculptures and decorations. The banking hall dominates the interior. Between 1930 and 1996 the building housed an electrical company that subjected the building to abuse, but fortunately not devastation.

Bosak's Bank, Presov SLOVAKIA

The goal of the restoration was to return the building to its original function. It began with the removal of crudely built dividing walls in the main banking hall and elsewhere. The interior surfaces needed to be returned to their former lustre, while crumbling sculptures and detailing on the building exterior needed rescuing. The original two-storey corner banking hall was reinstated and its galleries opened up for additional space. Stylish new banking counters and modern lighting features combine gracefully with the original detailing.

“For the highly skilled complex rehabilitation of a bank building of historic and cultural value, based on comprehensive research, planning and restoration work”

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