Brückenhaus in Bamberg

This is the winner of a Diploma.

This historical house is located in the direct vicinity of The Old City Hall at the foot-end of the “Obere Brücke” (Upper Bridge) on the island side of the bridge, fully integrated into the bridge structure and operating as a shop and residence.

Townhouse called "Brueckenhaus", Bamberg GERMANY

The project aim was to establish the structural stability of the building through the construction of a supportive steel framework. The building was progressively leaning towards the river and in critical danger of collapsing, while the movements eventually led to the shattering of the glass windows. Renovation measures included a complete restoration of the building through a fully-reversible intervention.

“For the delicate restoration of a valuable town-house threatened by extreme structural deformation, and for the preservation of its structure by careful engineering work.”