Central Station in Glasgow

This is the winner of a Diploma.

Refurbishment of a listed train station building from 1879, including extensive roof glazing and conservation of structural steel building frame. The glass roof is one of the largest in Europe, covering an area of 27,500 square metres.

Glasgow Central Station, Scotland UK

The conservation design philosophy strived to preserve the antiquity of the building, as well as to ensure that this Victorian station retained its identity in terms of historical context and form. This was done by meticulous detailing and the sensitive, selective use of restoration techniques. With few surviving archive drawings, historical photographs were fundamental to the design team in the restoration of the station. The project was a successful marriage of new and old technologies, which will ensure that one of Scotland’s greatest Victorian structures will serve Glasgow well into the Millennium.

“For the research and remarkable conservation of an important 19th century train station including important protection measures to the roof.”