Château de l’Hermitage in Condé sur l’Escaut

This is the winner of a Medal.

Built from 1786 to 1789 by the architect Chaussard for Prince Anne-Emmanuel de Croy, the neoclassical Chateau is located on the Belgian border. Abandoned since 1982, the buildings had suffered from water damage, general neglect and pillaging until 2001, when it was acquired with the aim to save it from total devastation.

Château de l'Hermitage,Condé sur l'Escaut FRANCE

The rehabilitation of the residence, its outbuildings, gardens and park has since advanced relentlessly. The entire heating and electrical systems have been refurbished, 1600 metres of enclosure wall and eight entrance gates have been restored, as well as the four facades of the main residence and entrance steps including re-pointing of the stones, 233 windows and ten of the seventy-five rooms. All has been accomplished through private commitment with minimal government aid. Although much work remains to be completed, the Chateau has been given new lease of life as a venue for social events.

“For the ambitious and flourishing restoration of a rare testimony to Palladian architecture in northern France, and for the dedication and perseverance of its owners.”

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