Classes d’éveil au Patrimoine et à ses métiers in Amay

A Medal in Category 4 – Education, Training and Awareness Raising has been given to the Classes d’éveil au Patrimoine et à ses metiers at the La Paix-Dieu centre in Amay, Belgium. This initiative of the Walloon Institute for Cultural Heritage aims to raise awareness among youths aged 12 to 15, of the architectural heritage and related professions, by organising four day courses at a Cistercian abbey founded in 1244 that is undergoing restoration.

Classes d'éveil au Patrimoine et à ses métiers, BELGIUM

In the past 10 years, over 5000 students and more than 350 teachers have been involved in these courses. Because of its success, the project now also includes 3 to 5 day summer camps for children and their parents. The project is highly appreciated for the impact it has on its participants, both cultural and social. Living and working for a number of days on a prestigious site, accompanied by conservation and restoration experts and professionals, instills a passion for cultural heritage and its values, and opens a door to a future professional life in the field.