Collection of Gothic Architectural Drawings on Paper and Parchment in Vienna

This is the winner of a Diploma.

The conservation, digitizing and scholarly research of a collection of 400 Gothic (14th-15th century) architectural drawings on paper and parchment. There remain only 500 such drawings worldwide. The aim is to improve the accessibility of this collection through proper conservation and storage of the originals and archiving of digital images.

Collection of Gothic Architectural Drawings on Paper and Parchment, Vienna AUSTRIA

Until now, the drawings had rarely been exhibited due to their fragile state and only a superficial sixty page catalogue existed, which, due to the unusual size of the drawings was too small to be of any importance to scholars. A new printed catalogue of of some 600 pages of text and 400 full page illustrations depicts and describes the drawings.

“For the highly professional scientific research, conservation and digitising of a unique collection of Gothic architectural drawings, thus making them widely accessible for study”