Collections of Grave Gowns in Lublin

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The conservation of textiles – traditional dress, grave gowns and devotional articles – found in burial crypts from the 16th to 18th centuries. Discovered in the crypts of St. John’s Cathedral were the relics of silk grave gowns belonging to children and adults of the local elite.

Collection of Grave Gowns, Lublin POLAND

Twenty-five gowns underwent treatment, conserving their technological features. Although the textiles showed differing levels of destruction, all of them had become stiff with layers of dirt which had to be loosened. After cleaning, they had to be disinfected and impregnated to be stabilised. After reconstruction, the objects were returned to the crypts, specially prepared for exhibition purposes. It is one of the very few exhibitions of this kind in Poland, illustrating a part of funeral history.

“For the spectacular conservation of a series of rare 16th -18th century liturgical vestments and Polish national dresses found in the crypts of St. John’s Cathedral”