The Croatian Apoxyomenos of Croatian Conservation Institute in Zagreb

This is the winner of a Medal

An initiative of the Croatian Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Archaeological Museum Zadar, the project involved raising of an antique bronze statue of an athlete from the Adriatic Sea (2nd or 1st c. Greek copy of a 4th century original) from a depth of 45m, systematic submarine archaeological investigation of the finding site, and long-lasting conservation-restoration of the statue including desalination, research, analyses, and documentation. Finally, the statue was presented in a comprehensive exhibition.

The Croatian Apoxyomenos, Croatian Conservation Institute, Zagreb CROATIA

Successful collaboration with institutions and experts from Italy, Belgium, UK, Germany, Austria and USA was established, especially with the Italian institute Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence. The project resulted in the determination of the context of its origins and production, the technique and quality of the production as well as stylistic characteristics applied in comparative studies of familiar statuary.

“For the exemplary international collaboration that has led to the underwater recovery, restoration and presentation of a Hellenistic bronze sculpture through ingenious and fully reversible procedures.”

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