Cultura e Sviluppo del Territorio in Calabria

This is the winner of a Diploma

The aim was to improve knowledge of the existing resources in the Province of Calabria, executing pilot projects in a number of areas. The study compiles the results of high-level training courses that developed guidelines for the formulation of further projects to provide the public authorities, involved operators, and general public with knowledge, proposals, and plans, which can be developed into policies and actions.

Cultura e Sviluppo del Territorio, ITALY

The relationship between cultural landscapes, socioeconomic structures and architectonic elements is documented in order to draw out all the values of the places. An operational methodology for new hypotheses of sustainable development has been developed, while a number of education projects and publications have been realised.

“For the development of an operational methodology for new hypotheses for sustainable development in the province of Reggio Calabria based on education and heritage resources.”