Dipl. Ing. Dr.h.c. Hans-Christian Habermann

“Since 1990, Hans-Christian Habermann has energetically and enthusiastically supported the restoration of the built cultural heritage in his native Romania. He recognised that in the last years of the Ceausescu dictatorship, the protection of the historic environment had become very weak and that public awareness of the importance of the cultural heritage was at a very low level. Through his support of the Transylvania-Saxon Foundation, he raised public awareness of the unique Transylvanian heritage, encouraged the use of traditional skills, and promoted good conservation methods. He has particularly encouraged the long term care of historic buildings through his collaboration with the Romanian government and its schools’ programmes, and through his connection with the Boy Scout movement.”

Dr. Hans-Christian Habermann, born in Bucharest, Romania in 1938, into a rich Saxon family from Hermanstadt-Sibiu in Transylvania, fled from Communist Romania with his family in 1948. Since the fall of Communism in 1990, he has dedicated the last twenty years to preserving, restoring and raising awareness of the unique and rich Saxon heritage in Southern Transylvania, and the multicultural history and civilization of the area. This included the restoration and conservation of several fortified churches and many other historic buildings, such as Tartiau, Birthalm, the Brukenthal Museum and the Bishop’s Palace in Sibiu. In total he has worked on over 70 historic buildings. His commitment extended to initiating and supporting projects in the history and arts, of concerts and exhibitions, and of continually enhancing the multicultural features of the area.

Dipl. Ing. Dr.h.c. Hans-Christian Habermann, Sibiu ROMANIA