Domus Academica in the University of Oslo

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Complete restoration and refurbishment of the listed neoclassical building which was completed in 1852, and constitutes part of three buildings around the university square. The objective of the project was to recreate the architecture of Grosch and Schinkel and accommodate modern technical demands. The works featured extensive reparation and restoration of damaged floors, walls and ceilings and surface finishes, using original materials and techniques, as well as bringing back the original shapes of rooms. Decorative elements were retouched and all rooms were upgraded. The foundations, which were giving way, were strengthened. The cellar was converted to a computer room, toilets and technical rooms.

Domus Academica, University of Oslo NORWAY

One of Oslo’s most imposing buildings and home to the Law Faculty, Domus Academica continues to maintain the original design and character of the period, whilst providing a modern and efficient teaching environment.

“For the complex restoration and functional upgrading of one of Northern Europe’s most magnificent neo-classical buildings, in full respect of the original design and spirit of Grosch and Schinkel.”