‘Encounters with Heritage’ Radio Programme

‘Encounters with Heritage’ is a radio programme, broadcast for 50 minutes weekly, dedicated exclusively to cultural heritage. The subject is projected in its full diversity and complexity, and located within its social and economic role in society today. The programme has been on the air for 6 years. The Directorate General for Cultural Heritage is convinced of the importance of its mission to stimulate public interest and provide training in these matters: this has been achieved by creating a permanent broadcasting channel in partnership with a dynamic, proactive and large-scale medium – Radio TSF.

The range of the programmes is substantial and diverse, from archaeology and architecture, landscape, museums and monuments, via heritage issues in railways, mines, hospitals, the military, the church, education and so on, to issues of conservation and worth. The contributors to the programmes include heritage professionals and people who live and work in the field. The series has had a great impact on professionals and public alike and is available online, in Podcast, to all Portuguese speaking countries. It is a model for others to follow.

‘Encounters with Heritage’ Radio Programme, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
“The Jury pointed up this project as an exemplar of broadcasting on the subject of heritage. It also represents a successful partnership between government, private and commercial radio and local volunteers. The Jury liked the way the programmes provided realistic but diverse perspectives on Portuguese cultural heritage, at the same time promoting awareness, in a large and mixed audience, of some of the difficult issues in conservation, and thus constituting an important educational tool in contemporary society.”


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