Farmhouses of Hälsingland Project, Hudiksvall

This is the winner of a Medal.

Since 1997, the nominated group of farm owners and their associations, architectural heritage experts, museums, local councils and heritage groups, schools and colleges and the tourist industry, has worked to conserve and sometimes restore the province’s large and well-preserved 18th-19th century wooden farm houses.

Farmhouses of Hälsingland Project, Hälsingegårdar SWEDEN

The group works to raise the awareness and thus protection of these buildings and building complexes which represent a distinctive cultural heritage of the region. About forty show farms are open in the summer, attracting visitors and reintroducing architectural culture as a key factor in the regional identity and symbolism.

“For the restoration and care of a previously largely unnoticed, yet unique architectural and agricultural heritage, and for raising local pride and tourist interest in this rural area.”