Förderverein Kloster Bredelar e.V.

“The Förderverein Kloster Bredelar has made an essential contribution – entirely on a volunteer basis – to the rescue, conservation and revitalisation of the major part of a former monastery complex, which was considered by many to have been lost. Their work has been exemplary in numerous ways, in particular their thorough community involvement of fundraising and advocacy acitivities and the hands-on approach of the association’s volunteers. Through their actions and their perseverance, they have not only given the former Bedelar monastery new life, they have changed the way in which heritage is perceived in the town of Marsberg and in the Hochsauerland region.”

Through hard work and dedication, ingenious fundraising techniques and resourceful public relations work, the Friends of the Bredelar Monastery and the group’s active chairman, have managed to succeed in an incredibly short time at a project that was once thought impossible: the rescuing of the former Bredelar Monastery in Marsberg, Westphalia from imminent ruin, and its restoration to a vibrant new life. The loss was hereby averted of this important piece of cultural heritage, whose history as a Cistercian monastery lasted 600 years and whose diverse industrial uses, particularly as an ironworks, lasted nearly 200 years. The Friends’ association managed the careful restoration of the abbey and large sections of the former monastery complex, making sure that the traces of its colourful history were lovingly preserved. Today, the complex is enjoying a new phase as a social and cultural centre, hosting a myriad of events and activities within a European context.

Förderverein Kloster Bredelar e.V., Marsberg GERMANY

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