The Former Church of Santa Marta in Venice

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The former Church of Santa Marta (14th century) is located on the western boundary of Venice. Deconsecrated in 1811, it was later used as a warehouse and progressively fell into disrepair. Co-operation between the IUAV (Venice University of Architecture), the Cultural Superintendency, the Municipality of Venice and the Port Authority, has led to the restoration of the abandoned church as a pilot project for improving Venice’s port waterfront.

Church of Santa Marta, Venice ITALY

The building has been restored portraying the church’s different building phases, as well as the integration of a wholly independent and fully reversible contemporary architecture within the original fabric. The interior has been fitted with a metal structure clad with pear wood and has been converted to a venue for conferences and exhibitions including a cafeteria and shops. This heritage has been successfully retained in public use and its revitalisation will indubitably contribute to the regeneration of a peripheral area of the city.

“For the harmonious integration of a multipurpose contemporary architecture within a 14th century church and the great respect for all traces of the building’s history.”

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