Golia Monastery

“In giving this award the Jury took many factors into consideration. The solutions brought about were an obvious consequence of thorough research and studies, resulting in a monument gloriously reinstated to its former beauty and grandeur. The functionality now presents a suitable and educational outcome, enhancing the cultural and touristic value of the area and the whole region. At the same time, the project allows the rhythm and rules of monastic life to proceed at its traditional pace. It is an example of a sustainable strategic development program.”

The Golia Monastery is one of the most complex monastic ensembles preserved to these days, due to the fact that the Church, the Tower, the precinct walls and the four corner towers are preserved. The Church was built by Vasile Lupu and his wife, Ecaterina Cercheza, between 1650 and 1652.
The project focused on two main objectives; the restoration of the Golia Monastery Ensemble and the development of an infrastructure that provided access to the historical monument area, increasing its touristic and cultural appeal.

Golia Monastery, Iaşi, ROMANIA
With the combination of its Russian and oriental influence, the Western type exterior imprinted by the Italian Baroque and the eclectic superstructure of the towers, the Golia Monastery Ensemble represents an extraordinary synthesis of East and West, distinguishing itself as a unique architectural ensemble in the European landscape.