Historical Lighthouses in Estonia

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Estonian lighthouses once were powerful symbols of the development of trade, navigation and technology, but are now falling into disuse. Since 1993 Estonian lighthouses and beacons are being automated and most of their technological installations replaced.

Historic Lighthouses in Estonia, ESTONIA

The study records the cultural and historical values of the Estonian lighthouses and makes proposals for their protection. It gives a historical overview, analyses their construction methods and materials, light installations, duties of the personnel and includes a thorough inventory of 31 lighthouse stations of different types and periods. The archives of the Estonian Maritime Board, Maritime Museum and the Russian Central Archive of the Navy in St Petersburg provided much of the material gathered.

“For a comprehensive study which brings the ubiquitous yet endangered emblems of Estonian seafaring history to the attention of the public, and proposes to include the most remarkable examples under State protection as listed buildings”

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