Historical Theatre in Prešov

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This neo-Renaissance theatre, which dominates the main square of the historic town centre, was built in the years 1879-1881 according to the designs of Michal Repaszky. However, with the construction of a modern theatre in the 1970s, the building became redundant.

The Old Theatre of Presov, Presov SLOVAK REPUBLIC

The aim of the project was to renovate the building to provide all the functions of a theatre, to equip it with high-quality stage technology, and to ensure it complies the operational safety criteria and modern comfort amenities. The authenticity of the historical fabric has nonetheless been respected, and predominantly the unique painting decoration. Thanks to this project the theatre lives again as a permanent stage for the Jonas Zaborsky Theatre.

“For the safeguarding of a Neo-Renaissance theatre and for its successful adaptation to modern technical standards and safety requirements.”