Hohe Brücke St. Georgenberg in Stans, Tirol

This is the winner of a Medal.

The Hohe Brücke (“high bridge”) of St Georgenberg is Tirol’s oldest bridge (some parts are over 500 years old) and forms the only access to the pilgrimage church and monastery of St Georgenberg. The aim of the restoration was not only the necessary technical consolidation of the bridge, but also the preservation of the authenticity of the construction materials and techniques of the building craft.

Hohe Brücke Saint Georgenberg,St. Georgenberg AUSTRIA

The bridge was in a precarious state of conservation, with vast sections of the roofs in dire need of repair and masonry badly eroded. As part of the preparation for the restoration, the bridge was surveyed, charted, documented and extensively researched for the first time in history. Replacements for some of the individual stone blocks were hewn from the quarry which had been the source of the original building material.

“For the development and successful implementation of an aesthetically and technically perfect restoration concept which pays tribute to the astonishing achievements of 15th century engineering.”

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