An Inventory of Historic Gardens & Designed Landscapes in Ireland, in Dublin

Much of Ireland’s built heritage is the product of its troubled history. This is particularly significant for historic gardens and designed landscapes where a sense of political and economic dispossession often led to hostility towards such sites. Changes in Irish society have made such a re-examination of this neglected part of Ireland’s heritage possible. There is also a growing recognition of the potential for irreparable damage or loss of these important sites. The aim of the project was to carry out a systematic identification, classification and evaluation of historic gardens and designed landscapes, using criteria laid down by the International Committee of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

An Inventory of Historic Gardens & Designed Landscapes in Ireland, Dublin IRELAND

The inventory identified approximately 6,000 sites for which a preliminary assessment was made using historic maps and modern aerial photography. The published data for each site includes its location, an assessment of survival, 1st edition (1836-46) Ordnance Survey map, aerial photography, and a bibliography.

“The methodological approach toward Irish landscape and gardens has generated much interest among the Jury. This research permitted the setting up of an identification and classification system for gardens that could be used as a prototype for a general inventory of European parks and gardens.”