Kastner & Ohler in Graz

This is the winner of a Diploma

Renovation of an existing department store, built by the architects Helmer and Fellmann in 1912, and addition of new buildings in the historic centre of Graz. As a result of the consideration for the historic substance of the area, the newly conceived building elements and the restored historical fabric have merged to create a unique whole, thus revitalizing an entire quarter of the historical city centre.

Kastner-Oehler Wahrenhaus, Graz AUSTRIA

Attention was paid not only to each single monument and its detailing, but also to the urban space as a whole. The entire project can be regarded as a dialogue between old and new.

“For the harmonious and functional integration of a commercial centre in the Historic Centre of Graz that, through revitalisation of the existing fabric and innovative design, creates a bridge between past and present.”