King’s Cross Station

The redevelopment of the Grade 1 listed King’s Cross Station was completed in March 2012. The remodeling of the station has improved passenger facilities, rationalized operational activities and increased retail opportunities. This extremely complex redevelopment project has required a series of interventions involving three different areas of architectural specialism: re-use, restoration and new build. The train sheds and eastern and western ranges have been adapted and re-used, the station’s previously obscured Grade 1 listed proto-modern façade (1852) restored, and a new visually-striking western concourse has been designed as the centerpiece of the project. A modern transport super-hub has been created fit for a major capital city. And the trains kept running throughout.

“Kings Cross Station was for many years a depressing place, despite its key role in the UK’s railway history and current network. This restoration and inspiring new work therefore represents a transformation, both welcome and essential. The Jury was impressed by many aspects, including the reversion of the Booking Hall to its former use, the innovation of a pub/restaurant in the Parcels Office, the newly-glazed and decluttered train sheds, and the new track under the restored functions of the eastern range. Perhaps most of all, they were uplifted by the exhilarating curves of the western concourse.”

King's Cross Station, London, UNITED KINGDOM

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