Landscape Park of the Sečovlije Salt-Pans, Piran

This is the winner of a Diploma.

The restoration of a traditional salt-pan house within the context of the preserved cultural landscape of traditional salt-pans, including other buildings, bridges, docks and channels.

Landscape Park of the Landscape Park of the Secovlje Salt-Pans, Piran SLOVENIA

It is one of the last locations on the Mediterranean where slat making follows traditional techniques, assisted only by the sun, wind and sweat. The long term vision of the Salt-Pans Landscape Park is oriented first and foremost in restoration works, which will, in the form of traditional salt making activities, help to preserve the existing ethnological heritage.

“For the exemplary and sensitive revitalisation of a cultural landscape, including the restitution of facilities for traditional salt production technology, architectural restoration, and educational activities, all in close harmony with the natural environment.”

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