Larchill Arcadian Gardens in County Kildare

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When Larchill was purchased in 1994, it was soon discovered that the 25 hectare demesne was an important lost landscape garden – the only surviving complete Ferme Ornée in Europe, a type of garden which aim to emulate Arcadia, a pastoral paradise reflecting Man’s harmony with the perfection of nature.

Larchill Arcadian Gardens, County Kildare IRELAND

Follies and grottoes, avenues and inspirational framed views, flowing water and lakes – freed from the restrictions of the 17th century formal garden, the Ferme Ornée was the first move towards the Brownian landscape parkland. Over six years, ten follies were restored, pathways were reinstated, the walled garden was recreated and the lake was excavated after being filled in for thirty years. A visitors area was created comprising a model farm with castellated pig sties, a castle for goats and gothic chicken houses.

“For the well-researched and exemplary restoration of an important 18th century garden, including walled garden, follies and model farm”

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