MADE IN: Crafts and Design Narratives

MADE IN is a European platform that brings together designers, researchers and curators, who are all dedicated to exploring heritage through contemporary production. The platform’s multifaceted approach encompasses research, mapping and the archiving of local crafts, as well as collaborative co-creation programmes and participatory knowledge exchange initiatives. MADE IN promotes the invaluable role of crafts in shaping local identities and ensuring the sustainability of communities.


Conceived in 2014 by the OAZA Art Organisation in response to the decline of small crafts and workshops in Zagreb, MADE IN made its debut during the BIO 50 exhibition in Ljubljana, organised by the Museum of Architecture and Design. This initial exploration laid the foundation for a partnership among six organisations: OAZA, the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb (Croatia), the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the craft and trade association Werkraum Bregenzerwald (Austria), Nova Iskra and Mikser (Serbia).


Funded through the Creative Europe Small Cooperation Programme, MADE IN spanned from 2018 to 2021. Additional support from public and private sources in four countries, including ministries of culture, the Dutch Embassy in Croatia, Centre for Creativity in Slovenia and various other foundations contributed to its success.


By addressing critical themes such as nanotourism, sustainability, materials, resources and communities, the project generated insights that align with the priorities of the European Commission, including the European Green Deal, A Europe Fit for the Digital Age and the New European Bauhaus. The project yielded various outcomes including the creation of new products, a book, a website, and a travelling exhibition. The project’s pioneering initiative, “Crafts and Design Narratives”, showcased the mapping of craftspeople in the region and facilitated invaluable knowledge exchange between craftspeople and designers.

MADE IN stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and its potential to bridge traditional crafts with contemporary design, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of creativity and heritage.


“Through the effective utilisation of digital technology, the MADE IN project skilfully showcases the intangible heritage of evolving craft skills. The website, thoughtfully designed and easily navigable, offers a wealth of engaging information. However, the project goes beyond being just a digital tool as it fosters connections between craftspeople and contemporary designers. The emphasis is on the continuation and evolution of these time-honoured traditions, ensuring their relevance for future generations. With a long-term vision and a strong drive to expand its reach, this relatively new network is poised for growth, reflecting its progressive and innovative approach to the intersection of art, crafts and design”, the Awards’ Jury stated.

“This pan-European project highlights the common threads of our shared craft heritage while embracing a regional flavour through close collaboration with local communities. The intergenerational aspect of the project is notable, bringing together young designers and seasoned craft practitioners. This creates a vital connection between heritage and the creative industries, addressing timely social and commercial changes and offering opportunities for sustainable growth”, the Jury added.

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