Max Liebermann Villa and Garden in Berlin-Wannsee

The project included dismantling of historically incompatible interventions that had been built after 1935, general building renovation (foundations, building skins, interiors) and adaptation for the use as a modern art museum (conservation aspects, climate, fire protection, security, lighting, barrier-friendly access).

Max Liebermann Villa and Garden, Berlin-Wannsee, GERMANY

The plaster, stone, wood and metal components of the facades were extensively restored and repaired, while the roofs and interiors also underwent serious repair and partial reconstruction, including mural paintings. The formal appearance of the gardens were restored and adapted, for example for barrier-friendly access.

“The restoration of the villa and garden is particularly admired as a Gesamtkunstwerk, encompassing architecture, interior design and landscaping. It deserves special acknowledgement because it is the result of a private initiative, realised to a large extent through voluntary engagement.”

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