Mercado del Este in Santander

This is the winner of a Diploma.

The ‘East Market’ was the first indoor market in Spain, built in 1841. It is a light wooden structure with plenty of glass and wrought iron. The structure long suffered from termites and excessive humidity, causing the roof to sink, plasterwork of the perimeter walls to disintegrate and vulnerable elements to fall apart.

Mercando del Este, Santander SPAIN

The restoration included increasing the functional capacity of the site by creating a new underground level. Saved were the market’s oak pillars, their stone bases and the splendid stone pavement of one meter long slabs. After the underground phase, the wooden structure was reassembled with a technically improved reconstruction of the original roof, left exposed to show the beauty of the wooden elements. Mercato del Este is again an authentic civic centre in the heart of Santander.

“For the impressive restoration of a derelict indoor market and the addition of an underground exhibition space, accessed and lit with creativity and sensitivity.”