Museo del Aceite in San Felices de los Gallegos

This is the winner of a Medal.

The ruin of the ancient “Mute’s Mill” (El Lagar del Mudo) of San Felices de los Gallegos was saved, restored and rehabilitated to preserve and present the traditional art of pressing oil out of the olives of the surrounding groves.

Museo del Aceite, San Felices de los Gallegos SPAIN

A museum has been created to exhibit the more than two thousand-year-old culture and technologies – bequeathed by the Romans and Arabs – and which have been used since antiquity to obtain this precious liquid. The project has added a further attraction to the local community and has saved part of the region’s unique culture and history.

“For the restoration of an ancient oil press with exquisite care and loyalty to traditional architectural techniques, and its conversion into a museum dedicated to olive oil.”