Northern Romanesque in Castile and León

“It is unusual for the Jury to recognize a comprehensive plan of this nature, comprising a large number of neglected churches, hermitages and monasteries. They were impressed with the remarkable model for the protection of cultural sites, raising awareness and reviving memory inherent in the historic landscape of the region, which has been achieved by the dedicated multidisciplinary team. The innovative approach to educate and involve the communities in the region to care for their own heritage makes the project a powerful example at European level.”

The Intervention Plan “Románico Norte” (Romanesque North) has been a long project to ensure the restoration of 54 Romanesque churches, hermitages and monasteries in the northern areas of Palencia and Burgos. Its aim is to conserve this heritage to lay the foundations for sustainable economic growth in these areas, by capitalizing on their main assets: people, cultural heritage and landscape. The “Románico Norte” plan has among its priorities cultural and tourism management of the region. We have sought innovative solutions that allow any user or visitor to enjoy the area’s cultural heritage with the greatest ease and quality of experience. This has entailed education and awareness-raising programs, with various activities such as direct communication (lectures, greater- awareness seminars, educational activities for children and young people), using the mass media (press, web page) and the widespread dissemination of information in various media. The motto is “We intervene and we inform”.

Northern Romanesque, Castile and León, SPAIN

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